Tshisekedi and Kabila face-to-face talks on the appointment of Prime new Minister: Henri Yav or Albert Yuma?

The President elect of the DRC, Sunday, February 17, 2019 at “Cité de l’ Union Africaine” had talks with the former President Joseph Kabila.

According to reliable sources, discussions between the two personalities were centered around the appointment of the Prime Minister.

Joseph Kabila, in his capacity as head of the FCC (majority political coalition in the national assembly) has the privilege of proposing to the President of the Republic the choice of a personality of his political family to occupy the post of head of government.

Of course, the president will not have to veto it.

The leaks in the entourage as well presidential as that of the moral authority of the FCF, announce that two names stand out from the lot of primatables: Henri Yav Muland (the current finance minister) and Albert Yuma Mulimbi (president of the Federation Congolese companies).

Some sources say that the head of state would have a preference for Henri Yav Muland because he was not mentioned in any dirty affair. But Kabila would have a preference for Yuma.

Several members of the government, a dozen in total elected, should resign no later than Wednesday 20 to avoid a case of incompatibility after the validation of their mandate as a MPs.

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