Two violent smugglers shot by Rwandan Police on patrol.

Yesterday Rwandan National police officers on patrol intercepted a group of smugglers who had crossed on Rwandan territory using porous borders from Uganda.

According to eye witnesses, the smugglers were violent and even assaulted   Rwandan police officers prompting them to react in self- defense and shoot to death two of the smugglers identified as;  Ebindishanga Job  aged 32years and is a residence of Rukiga District, Kamwezi Sub-county, Cyabuhangwa Parish, Rwandimira Village and  Tuheirwe Bosco aged  35years and is a resident of Rukiga District, Kamwi Sub-county, Cyabuhangwa Parish, kabila village. The incident took place in Nyagatare district, Tabagwe sector, at a distance of about 2kms on Rwanda’s territory from the borderline with Uganda at a place commonly known as kuduturuso porous route.

According to residents of Tabangwe that witnessed the incident, the smugglers carried three bundles of local tobacco on bicycles.

According to Rwandan laws, smuggling is prohibited only legal commercial activities using official entry points are allowed.

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