Uganda caught pants down on statistics of COVID-19 infected cases

For a couple of weeks some Ugandan authorities  and  propaganda media linked to CMI and ISO  were  celebrating that they were cases of COVID -19 in Rwanda  and circulating  rumours  and biased propaganda  to tarnish Rwanda’s image. Little did they know what awaits them?

Recently, Brigadier Karara Fred Deputy Commander of the Second Division and RPC held a meeting with residents of Ntugamo district in Kizinga Parish, Ngoma Sub County, and the meeting was also attended by Ntungamo RDC George Bakunda

 During the meeting Brigadier Karara told the residents that they should stop going to Rwanda and that Ugandan who will be intercepted on his/her way from Rwanda will be taken to Kasese for Isolation.   He added that any Rwandan who will be intercepted coming from Rwanda through porous border should be beaten as they have corona virus. To people like Brigadier Karara and others suffering from Rwanda phobia they never realized that the COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has no boundaries.

So far a total of 09 cases of people infected by COVID-19 are the ones reported in Uganda though many people doubt the numbers.  In her address to the nation, Minister of Health reported eight new cases of COVID-19 reported in Uganda in addition to one cases reported earlier.

The Minister stated that six victims were people who came from United Arab Emirates and that two cases were detected from Quarantine. The Minister of health called upon all passengers who came from Dubai in two weeks time to report to the Ministry of Health for screening.

The ministry of health contradicted herself in her address regarding whether the victims were detected at the airport or the victims had reached their homes. She didn’t mention when they were detected at the airport. This clearly shows Uganda has a lot of cases of COVID-19 which has not been reported, hence more people at risk being infected.

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s March 11 recognition of COVID-19 as a global pandemic has removed any doubt about the threat that the virus poses to every country in the world

The global community must come together to collaborate, coordinate, share lessons learned, and assist each other to combat the pandemic. Until every country is safe, no country will be safe. The outbreak should serve to highlight the extent to which countries are interconnected and interdependent and should be a call to strengthen global institutions and the global governance system.  The new cases of Covid-19 in Uganda remind me of a famous old school song by Justin Timberlake that what goes around comes around.

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