UGANDA: The dark side of Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde

Journalist Andrew Mwenda has revealed that Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde lied to President Museveni that former Inspector General of Police colluded with the President of Rwanda to overthrow President Museveni yet that in the actual sense it was him.

According to Mwenda, he says Tumukunde told President Museveni that the President of Rwanda was working with former IGP Kale Kayihura so that they can overthrow him.

Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde

General Tumukunde continues to face backlash from different analysts and politicians in Uganda. For instance, Ofwono Opondo the Executive Director of Uganda Media Center stated that General Tumukunde’s follies are fast catching up with him and that vying for presidency it is his right but does it more because of arrogance, false self-actualization, and perhaps as a possible business transaction.

He further indicated that Generals are appointed to lead armies; so, some of them falsely believe that they can lead under whatever circumstances.  Ofwono  also criticized his capacity to lead Ugandans   by  tweeting  ‘’Let’s see this one but l doubt, basing on available public record and opinion that he has what it takes to lead civilians and Uganda’’.

General Tumukunde’s statements at NBS TV were also criticized by Ambassador Adonia Ayebare Uganda’s seasoned diplomat, especially in regards to Tumukunde’s statement that if he was Rwanda he would support the opposition.   Reacting to the statement, Adonia Ayebare stated in a tweet that; ‘’This is the most reckless statement I have heard from anybody running for President. Inviting a foreign country to interfere in our politics, which is in contravention with the UN charter and other regional protocols? Ambassador Adonia Ayebare was reacting to remarks by Lt Gen Tumukunde who said that Rwanda should use this season to support anyone who wants to cause a change in Uganda. 

Tumukunde claims that the only way to solve the impasse between Uganda and Rwanda is by supporting anyone who wants to cause change.  During the same interview he stated that he would be profoundly work with anyone to cause change in Uganda including members of the opposition like Bobi wine, Besigye and Muntu.


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