Ugandan leadership continues to lie about the real causes of the deteriorating relations between Rwanda and Uganda

Sam Kuteesa: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Uganda

In a show of panic that the world could have noticed that Uganda is the trouble causer in regard to the current tensions between Uganda and Rwanda, the Ugandan government officials have been of recent involved in a series of diplomatic briefings explaining the status of relations between Uganda and Rwanda.

During his briefing to members of the diplomatic community on 17 May 2019, Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa reiterated the Government of Uganda’s alleged commitment to end the diplomatic row with neighboring Rwanda, and laid out the chronology of the events leading up to the current bad blood between the two neighbors, including the February 28th 2019, alleged closure of the Katuna border by Rwanda, which he said caught Kampala by surprise.

Contrary to the claims by Minister Kutesa that Rwanda blocked her citizens from traveling to Rwanda, the latter has made it clear on several occasions that Rwanda only issued a travel advisory to her citizens to travel to Uganda at their own risk given the current arrests and torture targeting Rwandan nationals. One also wonders what action any responsible government would have taken in a situation where her citizens traveling to a neighbouring country are arrested and tortured without any explanation! Besides, Rwanda has every legitimate right to advise her citizens as she may wish. It is also interesting to note that besides all the provocations by Uganda, Rwanda has remained courteous and all Ugandans remain free to travel to Rwanda without any problem and no single Ugandan has been so far arrested in Rwanda.

During the briefing, Minister Kutesa further denied the alleged torture and harassment inflicted on Rwandans indicating that the Rwandans who were arrested in Uganda were found breaking the law, and that some of the arrests were a direct response to apparent efforts to compromise Uganda’s security. Without naming names, the minister told the diplomats that some of the arrested were active agents of the Rwanda regime. “A number of Rwandan security operatives have been entering Uganda without following laid down procedures governing entry of security personnel into the country,” Kutesa said. However, throughout the entire briefing session, Minister Kutesa fell short of providing examples of Rwandan operatives who have been arrested on the Ugandan territory and offered no explanation for the breach of traditional protocol, under which the Ugandan Government is obliged to notify the Rwandan Government of the arrests immediately before or shortly thereafter, and the criminal basis for the arrests. He did not also explain the long period of detention of Rwandan nationals without trial where some have been kept incommunicado in CMI and ISO dungeons for almost two years now.

Besides, suppose someone agrees with Minister Kutesa that Rwanda has been indeed sending operatives to Uganda for espionage purposes; one wonders why Uganda would get worried of these operatives in case she is not plotting evil against the Rwandan Government. The Great Lakes Eye thinks that Rwanda has every legitimate reason to spy against the activities of Rwandan subversive groups operating in Uganda and this doesn’t necessarily mean that Rwanda would be spying on Uganda. In order to avoid that, the Government of Uganda should come clean and stop supporting these negative groups otherwise they should not expect Rwanda to sit and watch while her enemies are actively organizing to cause havoc in Rwanda.

Minister Kutesa’s remarks were echoed by Uganda’s Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), Gen David Muhoozi on 20 May 2019 while briefing Defence Attachés and Advisors accredited to Uganda at the UPDF General Headquarters in Mbuya, during which a heated exchange erupted between Uganda’s CDF and Rwanda’s Defense Attaché. Short of explanations, when the Rwandan Defense Attaché asked Gen. Muhoozi about the arrests targeting Rwandans, instead of responding to the question, he instead attacked the Rwandan Diplomat claiming that he wasn’t in court to respond to such questions. What a shame Mr. General? This is not how Generals behave!!

An insider working in Uganda’s security organs revealed to the Great Lakes Eye that the current diplomatic briefings are as a result of panic due to serious and overwhelming evidence linking Uganda to Rwandan subversive groups following the revelations by self-styled Major Callixte Nsabimana alias Sankara confirming Uganda’s role in supporting Rwanda’s subversive groups. It is important to note that following the arrest of FDLR’s LaForge Fils Bazeye; Lt. Col Abega and recently Sankara, Uganda has been on the offensive trying to fabricate all counts of charges against Rwanda while portraying herself as a victim of Rwanda’s malevolent intentions. The Insider further revealed to the Great Lakes Eye that the diplomatic briefings are meant to build a case against Rwanda including allegations related to espionage and kidnappings in order to portray her as a bad neighbor thereby diverting the attention of the international community against Uganda’s destabilization agenda towards Rwanda. It is unfortunate that instead of looking for a sustainable solution to the current problems between the two countries, Uganda appears motivated to escalate the situation and one wonders whose interests such behaviour is serving.

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