Ugandan Media Twists Circumstances Behind the Death of a Rwandan Lady Who Was Killed by Ugandan Security Operatives

Uganda’s online media and social blogs are awash with a story regarding a Rwandan pregnant lady identified as Elisabeth Mukarugwiza who on Wednesday morning collapsed and died near the border of Cyanika on the Ugandan side. The online media goes on to claim that the lady was reportedly running from Rwandan security operatives who were running after her to stop her from crossing to Uganda. This is a simple lie, because there is no way a pregnant woman can manage to run and escape from security agents. The Ugandan blogs goes ahead to claim that the woman was crossing to Uganda to look for food as starvation has badly hit Rwandans following a travel advisory to Rwandans not to travel to Uganda.

It is absurd that Ugandan blogs twisted the story to fit their ill-conceived narrative. According to the deceased’s family, Mukarugwiza left her home in the morning of 26 March 2019 to buy Bitenge clothes for sale. She entered Uganda through illegal border crossing and was immediately intercepted by Uganda Police operating along Uganda – Rwanda border on suspicion that she was a Rwandan agent. She was subjected to intense interrogation until when Mukarugwiza, an expectant mother got exhausted and collapsed in the hands of the border police. The Police hurriedly sought the services of Uganda Red Cross to administer first aid to Mukarugwiza, with no success. They decided to dump her helpless body at the border and quickly cooked a story that she collapsed while escaping from Rwanda to Uganda to look for food stuffs and medicine.  An eye witness who the Great Lakes Eye spoke to revealed that after dumping her half-dead body at the border, good Samaritans attempted to rescue her and take her to a nearby hospital but were blocked by Ugandan police who refused them to cross to the other side to evacuate her.

Contrary to allegations by the Ugandan media that the lady resided near the border with Uganda, she is a resident of Kinigi sector, Musanze District and the deceased was not from the community near the border as alleged in the sections of the Ugandan media. Besides, the sector where she is a resident (Kinigi, Musanze District) is in a distant distance to the Rwanda-Uganda border of Cyanika which is in Burera District. In addition, the Great Lakes Eye has been reliably informed that contrary to claims by the Ugandan media that the deceased was a peasant who was crossing to Uganda to look for food; she is a known business lady who traded in Bitenge and had crossed to Uganda on her business errands. It is important to note that the sector where she originates from is one of the sectors in Rwanda well known for massive production of Irish potatoes and one wonders how someone originating from such a sector could cross to Uganda to look for food.

The Police which was still struggling to explain the circumstances under which one of its own shot and killed Ronald Ssebulime on Sunday claiming he was among those who attacked Junior Minister Aidah Nantaba’s car quickly distanced itself from the death of a Rwandan pregnant woman which would have further dented its already spoilt image. They quickly engaged Chimp reports to publish a story indicating that a Rwandan pregnant woman collapsed while escaping to Uganda to look for food and that the deceased was being pursued by Rwandan security agents patrolling the border.

It is interesting to see how the Ugandan media has been excited to report on a Rwandan who collapsed and died in the hands of their security operatives yet they have failed to report on cases of innocent Rwandans who are being arrested on daily basis and dumped at the border. This is not the first time that the government of Uganda has attempted to attribute the killings conducted by Uganda’s security organs on Rwanda with no success due to lack of evidence. It remains to be seen whether the Ugandan Police will finally come clean and admit that Mukarugwiza was intercepted, tortured and collapsed in their hands, otherwise her soul will keep haunting them.

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