Ugandan security organs in panic mode following the handover to Rwanda of two FDLR leaders

Following the arrest and final handover to Rwanda of the former FDLR spokesperson, Ignace Nkaka a.k.a. La Forge Fils Bazeye and the former outfit’s Ag. Head of Intelligence, Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo a.k.a Theophile Abega by the DRC government, the Ugandan top government officials are in serious panic fearing that details regarding their evil plans to disrupt Rwanda’s security have been revealed.

Indeed, the top Ugandan brass including the likes of Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s minister of state for regional cooperation, CMI Chief, Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho, and Col (Rtd) Frank Bagyenda Kaka, the DG of Internal Security Organization (ISO) and other state security operatives have every reason to get worried as they could face the International Court of Justice (ICC) given the new evidence confirming their collaboration with Rwandan hostile groupings including the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and the FDLR, a known terrorist group operating in the DRC. The FDLR comprises remnants of masterminds of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. They fled the country in 1994 after masterminding the killing of more than one million people. Latest revelations indicate that La Forge and Abega had crossed to Uganda on 13 Dec 18, where they were received by the emissaries sent by Minister Philemon Mateke and spent the night at a hotel in Kisoro District owned by the latter.

The two FDLR elements have revealed a lot of information regarding the active role played by Uganda in supporting these negative groupings planning to attack Rwanda. They confirmed that Uganda has been actively providing support to FDLR and other armed subversive groups including RNC by offering safe haven, recruitment, meeting facilitation, mobilization and travel facilitation/documents for their combatants. At the same time, it has been revealed that the Government of Uganda continues to coerce members of the Rwandan community in Uganda to raise contributions in support of FDLR and RNC and that those who refuse to support RNC activities are subjected to harassment, arbitrary arrest/detention and torture by Ugandan security organs. It is suspected that during a recent meeting between the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation with the Ugandan Ambassador in Rwanda, information incriminating Ugandan officials as revealed by the two FDLR fugitives was passed over to her and it remains to be seen how the Ugandan officials are going to behave in light of the new incriminating pieces of information confirming high level collaboration.

As revealed by the arrested FDLR leaders, the Government of Uganda has also been encouraging and facilitating FDLR and RNC to forge alliances with other negative armed groups opposed to the Government of Rwanda. The two were arrested at Bunagana border, on their way from Uganda, on 15 December 2018 where they had gone to meet RNC members Frank Ntwali and Rashid Mugisha a.k.a. Sande under the facilitation of Uganda’s State Minister in charge of Regional Affairs, Philemon Mateke. It is important to note that Phelemon Mateke’s hatred against Rwanda is partly explained by his closeness to Rwandan Hutu extremists including the likes of Jean Baptiste Mberabahizi (a Rwandan subversive element currently living in Brussels) whose wife is Mateke’s daughter.

It is important to note that Uganda’s senior officers revealed by the FDLR suspects as active facilitators of RNC include Minister Philemon Mateke; CMI Chief, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho, and ISO DG, Frank Bagyenda Kaka. The full list of Uganda Government officials who met the two FDLR leaders while on mission in Kampala shall be revealed in next edition. They also revealed officials they met with while in Uganda including Minister Mateke, Brig. Abel Kandiho and others.

It has been further revealed that while in Uganda, the FDLR leaders met Frank Ntwali, a brother in law to Kayumba Nyamwasa who was in Kampala on invitation of the Ugandan Government.

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