Uganda’s Hostility towards Rwanda Continues in High Gear despite the Signed Luanda Memorandum of Understanding

Uganda’s hostile posture against Rwanda has continued despite the commitment manifested through the signing of the Luanda MoU to end hostilities. Uganda’s hostility continues to manifest itself through continued illegal arrests, illegal deportations, and support to Rwandan enemies.

Indeed, available facts reveal that Museveni’s sole interest in signing the memorandum was purely a public relations issue aimed at portraying himself as a peace lover and a pan Africanist. Additionally, in signing the MoU, President Museveni wrongly thought it would compel Rwanda to lift the travel advisory issued to Rwandans not to travel to Uganda thereby opening the boarder to ease business, while doing absolutely nothing to honour his part of the deal. To confirm this, slightly after the signing of the MoU, various Ugandan officials rushed to the media misleading the public that the border between Rwanda and Uganda had been opened as a result of signing of the MoU forgetting that the main point of contention between the countries wasn’t the boarder but several other underlying issues as clearly mentioned in the signed MoU.

In clear show of lack of commitment to resolving tensions between Rwanda and Uganda, a day after the signing of the Luanda agreement, before leaving for Luanda for the signing of the MoU, Uganda blocked pro-Rwandan government media websites allegedly for publishing content that is “harmful and detrimental to national security.” And in clear violation of the Luanda MoU, Ugandan online media owned by the notorious CMI and ISO continues to publish negative stories against Rwanda.

It is worth recalling that the problems innocent Rwandans suffer at the hands of Ugandan security agencies began when Ugandan President Museveni got into bed with Rwandan terror groups – especially Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC – whose goal is to destabilize Rwanda. It is a well-known fact that CMI for instance has been abducting Rwandans at the direction of RNC agents, who work hand in hand with the Ugandan agency.

It has long come to light that one goal for the abductions and torture is to find recruits for Nyamwasa’s rebel groups, which until recently had training camps in their bases in the DRC until they were totally annihilated.

One of the regional political Analysts who spoke to the Great Eye assessed that the tensions between Uganda and Rwanda would continue flaring up given the fact that Uganda seems determined to continue arresting Rwandans in Uganda en-masse in violation of the recently signed memorandum of understanding that in part stipulates that Rwandans in Ugandan prisons must be released.

The same Analyst pointed out if Uganda was indeed willing to ease tensions with Rwanda, the starting point would have been setting free all Rwandans who were arbitrarily arrested in Uganda in the spirit of the Luanda agreement before the government of Rwanda lifts the travel advisory on Rwandans travelling to Uganda.

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