Uganda’s Intelligence community likely to be plotting president Museveni’s downfall

Members of the Uganda intelligence community seems to be bent on tarnishing Rwanda’s image by consistently feeding President Museveni with false intelligence reports that Rwanda is planning to oust him from power and that Rwanda has deployed a network of intelligence operatives in Uganda who are working with opposition groups to cause regime change. Sources indicate that those involved in the dissemination of such doctored reports include the Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), Maj. Gen. Don Nabasa, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) under Brig. Abel Kandiho; and Internal Security Organization (ISO) under Col. (Rtd) Frank Kaka Bagyenda.

To portray the sophistication of this network, Museveni was recently fed on false intelligence reports that Rwandan intelligence has infiltrated Ugandan security organs including the Police and the Army and is also monitoring communications of senior government officials including President Museveni. ISO went ahead to inform Museveni that IGP Kale Kayihura was working with the government of Rwanda and could be behind the spate of killings that have been taking place in Uganda, including the death of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi with aim to taint Uganda’s image.

President Museveni who is known to harbor deep hatred towards Rwanda probably due to his ego believed these false intelligence reports. He immediately ordered for hunting and arresting all those suspected to be Rwandan spies in Uganda and those that are working with them. He also went ahead to plan for economic sabotage with aim to cripple Rwanda’s economy, as well as military preparations to counter the perceived attack from Rwanda. This is how innocent Rwandans currently languishing in CMI and ISO safe houses were arrested.

A Ugandan top military officer who did not want his name to be mentioned for security reasons has described SFC, CMI and ISO as dreaded security organs which he compared with the State Research Bureau during Idi Amin’s regime. That the three organs wield immense powers to the extent that even the CDF of UPDF fears them because they report directly to the Commander in Chief. In addition to being well facilitated with operation funds, they are comprised of best trained; best equipped and best paid officers at the expense of other security organs such as the police and army. They are exclusively commanded by Bahima, except ISO which is led by Bagyenda, who is a Munyankole. He was appointed to this position on the recommendation of Gen. Salim Saleh as a reward for being a stooge who has no personality and can be used to carry out all kinds of dirty work without questioning. In the guise of national security, the three organs spy, obtain information, fabricate evidence and curtail activities of those perceived to pose a threat to Museveni’s regime.

Some of the bogus intelligence reports which ISO has prepared to President Museveni include one which indicated that the former IGP Kale Kayihura was behind the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi on 17 March 2017. A Source with access informed this blog that on 11 May 2018, Bagyenda informed the National Security Council (NSC) that fresh investigations conducted by ISO into the murder of Kaweesi pointed to the involvement of former IGP Kale Kayihira. The evidence he presented included a voice recording of communication allegedly between Gen Kale Kayihura and ACP Herbert Muhangi where Kayihura was asking the latter whether the operation had been successful. This is how the former IGP and other senior police officers were eventually arrested. However, after analyzing the voice by experts, it was found out that the voice was not that of Kayihura. It was also found out that some key witnesses presented to implicate Kayihura and others in the murder of  AIGP Andrew Kaweesi had been coached by ISO to implicate the suspects in return of money. This did not go well with ISO as Museveni ordered CMI to investigate ISO to establish why they have falsely implicated Kayihura in the murder of Kaweesi. The investigations are reportedly ongoing and that its outcome will inform Museveni’s next course of action, including sacking and prosecuting Kaka Bagyenda.

In the same spirit, CMI and ISO agents have been arresting and detaining innocent Rwandans accusing them of being Rwandan spies. After interrogating them, they send false interrogation reports to Museveni indicating that the suspects have confessed of being Rwandan spies sent to Uganda to work with opposition groups to accelerate a regime change.

When asked why senior officers like Bagyenda, Nabasa and Kandiho would not fear the implications of originating false intelligence reports to their boss, the source said: “these guys are given a lot of operation funds to do the intelligence work and so to justify how they used it, they have to submit reports to President Museveni indicating that the threat to his regime is real and high”.

Although President Museveni has managed so far to play well his ethnic card by deploying Bahima in all sensitive positions in security organs, military analysts argue that SFC, CMI and ISO false reports could in the end lead to his downfall considering that it has created many enemies within his government and security organs. Also favoring SFC, CMI and ISO has generated dissatisfaction in the UPDF and Uganda Police especially from bush war Generals who have been sidelined. Analysts describe UPDF today as not a national army but a composition of personal units that are only loyal to the President and a protégé of Bahima interests. Sources familiar with the Great Lakes politics indicate that the continued doctoring of intelligence reports on Rwanda by Uganda’s intelligence community will further escalate tensions between Rwanda and Uganda and risk causing perennial instability in the region if it remains unchecked.

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