Uganda’s mafia goons at war with each other, attacking officials not submissive to them

There is a big crisis in every sector of Uganda.  From the security sector to other sectors are not doing any better. It is only a matter of time and the impunity which goes on everywhere will come to light.

The infighting within Uganda’s mafia circle has been exposed by media linked to Uganda’s Intelligence organs.  The Attacks have mounted on Minister Frank Tumwebaze, once touted as among possible successor to President Museveni and one of the most trusted politicians by President Museveni.

This direct and strong confrontation, which seems to have had the approval of Uganda’s first lady, is a signal of how different camps in Uganda are competing to replace President Museveni in 2026 as it looks that Museveni is unlikely to be political active the period beyond 2026.  

In Uganda, corruption in and financial scandals by government officials and heads of government-affiliated organizations and companies have reached a record in the past few years. Cases of financial corruption by those in the inner circle and close to officials such as heads of banks and deputy ministers have caused increasing public discontent, especially at a time when ordinary Ugandans are suffering.

The attacks on Frank Tumwebaze by media linked to Uganda’s intelligence reveals a lot.   Minister Frank Tumwebaze   may not have been the main player involved in the embezzlement case there are others who should be prosecuted and punished.  However, the latest cases reflect a political competition between those loyal to the first lady’s camp Janet Museveni and those supportive of Museveni/ Muhoozi   rather than a genuine effort to wipe out corruption.

Many analysts say that the accusations against Minister Tumwebaze former IT minister may be merely a political game to impede his ambition to vie for presidency in 2026 or as a pretext to confiscate his properties.  Sources privy indicate that ISO has been tasked to investigate all assets belonging to Frank Tumwebaze and other officials deemed as a threat to members of mafia group in Uganda as part of a pre-planned scenario and a bigger project to tarnish their image.

The informant recently released an article exposing the minister’s properties that they suspect are earned through corrupt tendencies. It’s alleged that he has used his position as minister for ICT to solicit money from telecoms in their bid to renew their licenses.

According to the informant, Minister Tumwebaze has a hotel in Kikoni makerere called Nyumbani, and that it is a slaughter house for university students, owns Mburara farm lodge in Mbarara.  But if one would ask, who are the real culprits or people labeled as Exhibit 1504 and 1510 in bribery scandal in USA, the crane Bank ltd, Makerere and Road scandals etc.

Minister Frank Tumwebaze is just becoming a scape goat of uneasy tension and unconducive atmosphere within the regime, given the revival of Muhoozi project that is in high gear with consultations and debates about the project ongoing and taking place within the inner circle.  

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