Uganda’s propaganda media playing mind games to discourage Rwandan businessmen going to China for importations

Ugandan media like chimpreports that has been heavily involved in propaganda war fare continue to trade fake news aimed at misleading the public that relations between the two countries have attained stability and momentum therefore there are positive signs for the two countries to manage their differences and avoiding disputes.

Commenting about the article, Rwanda’s Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of East African Community Ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe refuted the claims by chimpreports tabloid and recalled that Rwanda’s advisory notice to its citizens wishing to travel to Uganda was not “relaxed” at all and that nothing changed since February 2019.

It seems that Giles Muhame, the owner and writer of chimpreports and his cabal are running out of lies to hoodwink their readers.

Over the past days they were reports of Rwandans from Uganda being dumped at borders in near death conditions and Uganda’s media are left high and dry on Rwanda related stories to secure a paycheck.

Political analyst assess that the Government of Uganda  is in a tight corner and under  all sorts of pressure from business community,  residents of districts bordering with Rwanda, coupled to low exports earning and lack options to implement their grand scheme  against the Government of Rwanda.

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