Uganda’s reaction to H.E Kagame remarks – a testament of its support to Rwandan enemies

In an interview by H.E Paul Kagame with the East African journalist Pamela Sittoni on 17 Feb, 2019, H.E Paul Kagame blamed Rwandan nationals living in South Africa for providing wrong information to Uganda in a way to solicit support from the latter against Rwanda, which has led to a bad relationship between Rwanda and Uganda. The President however, noted that there is a good foundation from which Rwanda and Uganda should be building a very good relationship.

Whereas President Kagame appeared to be candid and honest in his assessment of the current stand-off between both countries; Uganda, in unison with Rwandan subversive groups has surprisingly, reacted negatively to the comments, a clear testament of a sinister campaign they jointly plot against Rwanda.

While responding to President Kagame’s comments, Ofwono Opondo, the Executive Director of Uganda Media Center during weekly cabinet briefing, stated that the Government of Uganda has taken a very cautious decision of conducting foreign relations between their country and others through media. Opondo further claimed that “it’s laughable for anybody to suggest that the government of Uganda does not have institutional mechanism to pick and process information and simply relies on rumours from perhaps Rwandan dissidents in South Africa or elsewhere”.

In mentioning that Uganda has been cautious in dealing with the media, one wonders what Ofwondo Opondo meant rather tactically choosing to ignore the fact that he knows or should be in know that Uganda has been peddling blatant lies through intelligence run tabloids and blogs like Soft Power, Informant, Command Post, Spy Reports, etc designed to tarnish the image of the Government of Rwanda while depicting Uganda as a victim of the former’s so called malevolent activities.

Moreover, Opondo ignored an open secret that Uganda’s Defense Attaché to South Africa, Brig. Gen. Stephen Kashaka met dissident and Rwanda National Congress (RNC) leader Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa twice as yet another sign of Uganda’s support and a further confirmation of what President Kagame mentioned in the interview.

How else would a top military and Uganda’s senior diplomat dare to meet a self-confessed enemy of a friendly country, a leader of a rebel outfit – RNC that is hell bent on overthrowing a legitimate government, if it wasn’t for jointly planning evil against Rwanda? So, Opondo should desist from feigning ignorance of what is so evident that Uganda indeed chose to listen to these dissident terrorists while ignoring the deep rooted ties and history it shares with Rwanda.

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  1. If OFONDO believes that Uganda is able to process information rather than basing on rumours, what has been the assessment on what the President of Rwanda H.E Paul Kagame said is it true or false? Uganda does not support RNC? What is the reason then of misstreating Rwandans who are in Uganda? Can Opondo say than Uganda is in good relations with Rwanda as it was previously? if not what interfeared with that relationship? Is Rwanda that caused the deterioration of the diplomatic ralationship or Uganda? How and why. These are clarications needed from Opondo.

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