Uganda’s media are full of misleading stories claiming that the Rwandan government was frantic over Uganda’s refusal to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between countries in the great lakes region to carry out joint operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Media outlets sponsored by CMI and ISO indicated that Uganda has refused to sign the MoU in Goma and Monusco pulled out of the MoU.

They further indicated that Rwanda looked at the pretext to easily support MTM and ADF.  By such statement it is a proof that Uganda wants to justify their refusal to support the DRC led initiative of joint operations against armed groups in DRC.  However, the reason behind their refusal is that the operations would target their proxy Rwandan negative groups in DRC notably RNC, Rud-Urunana and CNRD which would not only weaken the group but also unravel details of Uganda’s support to the groups through testimonies by the captives.

Security experts contacted by the great lakes eye assert that Uganda’s continued propaganda that Rwanda supports ADF and MTM is a counter-weight measure to mitigate Rwanda’s continued accusations that Uganda supports Rwandan armed groups.

The experts also indicate that Uganda’s concern is that its militia groups in Ituri will be dismantled and hence loose access and control in Ituri.

It makes no sense to oppose a regional initiate aimed to pacify the Eastern DRC and the president of DRC has already expressed his commitment to eradicate negative groups operating in the DRC.   According to various analysts and researchers, the challenges the new President is facing are daunting and the political environment in which he will function is very constraining; rebuilding the state almost from scratch, harnessing the country’s assets, tackling a deeply corrupt political culture, meeting the expectations of the Congolese people: all this will require considerable political skills and bold decisions. And at the moment it is possible to predict and assert that President Tshisekedi is delivering on his promises. For both the development of the DRC and regional stability, this uphill struggle must succeed. For this to happen, Félix Tshisekedi will need all the support he can muster.

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