Who is who among Uganda’s military and security establishment in support of RNC and FDLR to destabilize Rwanda?

President Museveni is using his clique in the Ugandan security establishment commanded by Gen. Salim Saleh behind scenes to develop strategies to remove the Government of Rwanda.  The grand plan is masterminded by Gen. Salim Saleh who in turn uses his cohorts that include; Brigadier Abel Kandiho, (rtd) KAKA Bagyenda, and few individual politicians like Philemon Mateke and (rtd) Henry Tumukunde to engage in hostility acts towards Rwanda.   Their overall aim is to conduct a series of sabotage activities against Rwanda hoping to destabilize and eventual overthrow of the Government of Rwanda.

In this episode, we examine the role of Brig. Abel Kandiho the chief of CMI who is involved in supporting RNC and resurrecting FDLR.

In the quest for regime change scheme in Rwanda influenced by Uganda, they are key individuals who act as influencers and mobilisers for regime change policy.  Implementers of the plan are mainly security chiefs particularly; Salim Saleh using Brig. Abel Kandiho, KAKA and reports to SFC and state house.

Role of Brig. Abel Kandiho in support to Rwanda’s subversive groups

Kayumba Nyamwasa & Abel Kandiho

Since January 2017, Abel Kandiho has been the chief of CMI and is fighting so hard to buy royalty from Museveni and his inner circle.  He is the facto –brain behind resurrection of RNC and worked tirelessly to organize all negative forces against Rwanda with aim to forge alliance to fight Rwanda.  The recent arrest of FDLR operatives from Uganda confirms the plan. Those arrested testify Abel Kandiho’s role and his CMI in organizing the meeting and arranging logistical support.  Brig. Abel Kandiho is known to harbor anti-Rwanda sentiments simply to gain trust from those in corridors of power. 

He is known in the CMI recycle, he was once the director of operations until when he was chased by his nemesis Brig. Charles Bakahumura. According to sources, Abel Kandiho was regarded as a rotten Apple and has often been regarded as someone driven by intrigues and incompetency whose service was less required at the time.  At several occurrences he has been sidelined at sensitive CMI meetings and often chased out of strategic meetings considered unproductive and a hardliner. Though is regarded as unproductive in terms of skills and capacity, he is considered by Salim Saleh as his errand boy ready to be used in any mafia activity or project that doesn’t require intellectual capacity.  He has been in that endeavor in a series of dubious operations aimed to serve interests of the mafia group hence his rise to become the chief of CMI to date, regardless several poor recommendations.

Known for his anti-Rwanda character he was recycled in January 2017 and placed as the head of CMI.  To date, he has used his capacity and influence to implement anti- Government of Rwanda scheme by helping RNC and other hostile groups to recruit in Uganda.

Since 2017, CMI Chief has supervised RNC recruitment drive among camps by providing RNC teams with logistical support including heavy security escorts.

Not only , he has  offered shelter, facilitating movement of Rwanda’s subversive groups and individuals  by offering them IDs and passports and allowing them to operate in the country.

Brig.  Abel Kandiho also works with RNC team to forge evidence,   and president Museveni is driven by a generalized fear fuelled by a group of RNC operatives and Brig. Abel Kandiho who deliberately misinform Museveni that Rwanda has infiltrated Ugandan and political system.

CMI together with RNC have used individuals to falsely confess to CMI that they were sent by Rwanda to conduct terror activities in Uganda targeting officials.

Brigadier Kandiho has also facilitated RNC to continue to operate freely in Uganda and this time they are stoking tensions among Rwandan community in Uganda aimed at dividing them to seek their loyalty. CMI is involved in kidnap and torture aimed at harassing and persecuting Rwandans that are perceived as pro Government.

He is behind the creation and financing media propaganda aimed at fomenting propaganda against the Government of Rwanda.

Brigadier Abel Kandiho’s recent movements mobilizing UPDF forces around the border Areas to be on alert

Since February 2019, Brigadier Abel Kandiho has conducted visits aimed at mobilizing UPDF and people against Rwanda. He visited Milama Hills, Katuna, Kisoro and Kabale Barracks where he conducted security meeting with security organs.   Later he visited Bunagana inspecting UPDF deployments and interacting with soldiers as well as holding briefing and debriefing with his CMI operatives and agents.

CMI officials have also visited residents of Kashenyi village, kashenyi parish, Ngoma sub county, Ntugamo district, asking residents how they relate with Rwandans and possible areas deployed by RDF.

During the month of March 2019, CMI has Mobilised RDs, DPCs, Army commanders, RICO and LC3 of Ntungamo and Rukiga districts, to be vigilant and cooperate with security organs in identifying Rwandans and those they suspect to Rwandans.

Abel Kandiho has called for SFC deploy in Areas around  border areas with Rwanda  and  conduct surveillance around border demarcation and about 100 special forces have been deployed and wear attire to avoid detection.

Recently, Brigadier Abel Kandiho instructed his deputy Col Asiimwe to dispatch journalists from New vision, Azam TV, NTV and East African Newspaper to visit Rujugiro’s investment in Arua using Rujugiro’s aircraft from Entebbe to Arua.  The visit was intended to sanitise Rujugiro portraying him as a prominent investor that people cannot afford to lose.

The untold story about Brigadier Abel Kandiho

Brigadier Abel Kandiho is born and raised to a Rwandan mother and grew up in Rwandan settlements until when he was picked by members of his father’s family.  

Brigadier Abel Kandiho though known to harbor anti-Rwanda sentiments, he has two children behind marriage with a Rwandan lady who often meets him regularly in Mbarara.  He has another child to another Rwandan lady whom he facilitated to settle in UK. For those who know him well, they know that Abel Kandiho lives with a long time illness for over 30 years.

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